ThE tImE oF oUr LiFe!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Visiting Family during conference weekend was lots of fun although Devin did have to stay home. But thesea are just some pictures of the girls playing volleyball and with the little puppies. This picture is of my Grandma Carol, Aubrey and Elle. It is really fun to see how Elle really don't look anything like Aubrey. But we just love our Grandma Carol. It is just too much fun to have our grandma from the south. We should call her Mama Carol!!;)

Sami, Aubrey, Elle are in the other one i was sad that Maggie wasn't in this one she was in the house while we were taking pictures and we didn't get any with her... sad stuff but here is a picture of maggie lets just pretend that she is in the other one with us. We love these puppies this is all that is left of the 10 that were born. That is just crazy that one dog can have that many puppies. Go RAVEN!! But this was the fun time Elle had in Annabella. I sure did miss Devin tho...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Picking Raspberries

How fun is it to pick raspberrys, between all the thorns and all the red die, you could say not to fun but here are some fun pictures of my family and I picking raspberries at Down town Julie Browns house. We love this lady! It was just too fun having all our sisters there with us. We just love them. And they do teach us so much everytime we go down. Here is also a picture of Down Town Julie Brown. We love her, she is just to much fun and so much fun to be around.MMMMMMM... MMMMMMM love raspberries!!!*

Devin and Elle