ThE tImE oF oUr LiFe!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Devins Hunt!

In September Devin went on his first "BIG" hunt. He returned with a very nice 4 point. and his brother got one in October! They love hunting! Congratulations babe!

Tessa's Birthday!

Tessa turned one on November 27th, She was so happy all day and when it came to presents she had no problem with what she had to do. She was so cute to make everyone feel like they had brought a great present. But she definately had her favorite.
Maddie wanted to eat Tessa's celery, She followed Tessa all over the place because at one point Tessa gave Maddie her Carrot. It was just too cute!
While She was opening all her gifts Grandpa told aunt Maggie to go out and get the one he had bought for her in the back of his car. He forgot to tell her not to bring it inside till all the gift had been open. We were getting ready for her to open the final gift when maggie walked in with the little rocking horse. Tessa's eyes lit up and she started to gasp while covering her mouth (hopefully i'll get a picture of that on the camera one day). It must have been love at first sight.
Tessa's First horse, Charley!
We also let Tess, dig into her own cake just for the heck of it!

Fun Stories about Tessa!

I have alot of stories to catch up on. So here are some cute ones of Tessa. She has such a fun personality. She is just everywhere from walking to talking and all kinds of fun stuff!

One day I was deep cleaning the house, Tessa was helping me but i suddenly realized that my little helper was no longer by my side. I looked all through the house, couldn't find her but could hear her. Finally as i was walking through the kitchen, i found this little helper stuck under the sink!
Tessa had just got out of the tub, i put i diaper on her and went to check the laundry for her clothes to be dry, when i came back into the laundry room i found her Like this!
Sami and Macie went on a horse ride and brought the horses over to show Tessa, She was a little leary of them But we did finally get her to pet the pony!