ThE tImE oF oUr LiFe!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Devins Hunt!

In September Devin went on his first "BIG" hunt. He returned with a very nice 4 point. and his brother got one in October! They love hunting! Congratulations babe!

Tessa's Birthday!

Tessa turned one on November 27th, She was so happy all day and when it came to presents she had no problem with what she had to do. She was so cute to make everyone feel like they had brought a great present. But she definately had her favorite.
Maddie wanted to eat Tessa's celery, She followed Tessa all over the place because at one point Tessa gave Maddie her Carrot. It was just too cute!
While She was opening all her gifts Grandpa told aunt Maggie to go out and get the one he had bought for her in the back of his car. He forgot to tell her not to bring it inside till all the gift had been open. We were getting ready for her to open the final gift when maggie walked in with the little rocking horse. Tessa's eyes lit up and she started to gasp while covering her mouth (hopefully i'll get a picture of that on the camera one day). It must have been love at first sight.
Tessa's First horse, Charley!
We also let Tess, dig into her own cake just for the heck of it!

Fun Stories about Tessa!

I have alot of stories to catch up on. So here are some cute ones of Tessa. She has such a fun personality. She is just everywhere from walking to talking and all kinds of fun stuff!

One day I was deep cleaning the house, Tessa was helping me but i suddenly realized that my little helper was no longer by my side. I looked all through the house, couldn't find her but could hear her. Finally as i was walking through the kitchen, i found this little helper stuck under the sink!
Tessa had just got out of the tub, i put i diaper on her and went to check the laundry for her clothes to be dry, when i came back into the laundry room i found her Like this!
Sami and Macie went on a horse ride and brought the horses over to show Tessa, She was a little leary of them But we did finally get her to pet the pony!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well we haven't been very good at posting blogs lately because we have been so busy building the salon... Tessa is getting so big and so fun. She is walking around the couch and being very adult. He He. i love everything she does even when she pull my hair. it is too funny. But i'll try to get new pictures of us up soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aubrey and Spencer got married on July 27! We are so happy that they finally are married. We were so happy for them but the only thing that we were missing was Devan and his family we miss them so much
Wedding ceremony
Family picture
We had the kids in the wagon as we walked down the isle and it was so cute. But Tessa was not too hip on the idea of sitting in the wagon. So she got fussy this is her little face. I ended up carring her.
Aub and I

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tessy's TuTu

Today i got a text message from my sister-in-law Rachel with the cutest picture of Presliegh on it. She told me how to make them and i thought it would be fun to make Tessa one and then have a photo shot of her in it. So i did. And the cute bow is all thanks to Cherise. Everything mathes so cute! LOTS OF PINK!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


My friend Cherise introduced me to Wicked last year and i have loved the sound track. I listen to it almost everyday. We promised each other that we would go to see it together. Devin surprised me with tickets and tickets for Chad and Cherise to come with us. I Was so excited!! When the music started i just started crying because i couldn't believe i was actually there!!:) Devin does so many things for me and i can honestly tell you i have the best husband in the world!!

Cherise and i sitting in the theater!!

Devin and i in fron of Capital Theater! I LOVE WICKED!!*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad as it its I had to get my wisdom teeth out yesterday. So my mother being the sweet heart that she is watched Tessa for me while Devin was at work. It was so nice. She went over to Annabell to see Mada Hoodo, and let Tessa play in the grass. My mom said that she loved it. Tessa is getting so big. She is starting to reach for people and also starting to teeth. So Sad!!! But i love it. She is gettin to the most fun stage. She has a new toy. One of the bouncer swings that you put in the doorways, She just loves playing in that and bouncing all over the place.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tessa is Three months old now!! She is starting to grab for things and starting to gain muscle in her back so that she can sit up on her own. Everyone thinks that she looks like her dad. I just think that she is a doll. When she gets fussy and it's not very often she will just jabber. She doesn't cry very often so when she does I know something is definitely wrong. She has been so much fun!!
A few weeks ago we went to carlsbad New Mexico to visit my brother Devan, Rachel, Presliegh and Maddox. It was so much fun to hang out with them. We were there for Valentines day, so Devin and Devan went to the Caverns, but before they left the were sure to bring us flowers. Devin bought me Dasiys', and Devan bought Rachel Roses and Presliegh three gerber daisy's that were orange. It was so cute how proud they were of us.

Maddox is only a month old. He is so little next to tessa who was 2 months old. Presliegh is 1 and loves to give kisses on the head to little baby's. She was so cute with tessa it was so fun to have her around and to get to spend time with them.

While they were gone Rachel and I were going to do some crafts. Well that didn't really work out cause we couldn't figure out how to work the "BOBBIN!" It was giving us the biggest fits. So we kind of gave up on it. But don't worry, Devan was determined to figure it out. Thats why you can see him sitting at a sewing machine in the back ground.
We miss them so much and Can't wait for them to come visit us in April. We just have the Cutest family WE LOVE THEM!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lady Sofie

This is our new addition to the family. She is so much fun.She definitely keeps us on our toes. She has a huge crush on Devin and only wants to sleep and sit by him. We love this little girl. She is a pomeranian.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today Tessa and I were going to take Aubrey to Richfield. Tessa was hungery and i had to feed her before we left so i didn't develop a problem on the way there. I was just about half way done when Tessa decided to let one rip!!! I knew if she did it once it would be followed by a couple more. And i was right it turned into about three very big ones. Uncle Gary would have been proud. I lifted her up to burp her and she had "STUFF" all the way up her back. It must have been like a rocket ship. But not only did she get it almost up to her shoulders she got it on me also. VERRY BAD! I'm sure all you moms out there could relate

SO... i got the tub ready and bathed her after all of that. Auntie Aubrey got this beautiful pic of Tessa. I think Aubrey could get paid to take good pictures off her camera. She gets some good ones. Loved it and had to share with all!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was so happy to see Jessica Wilson, Jessica Sorenson, and Becky Dowell at the drill team competition on Wednesday. Its fun to have J.W. Back in Utah!!

Aunt Sue holding Tessa. I think Tessa's head is wider than sue's.

Nayze is holding Tessa at our house. Tessa loves Nazy she thinks she is the "CaTS MeOw". Its fun to have her so close to us so we can go see her so often!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nap Time!

After being up till 1 working on the dress and waking up at 6, Devin and I were extemely tired. Our Friend Cherise let us take a nap, we were only planning on being an hour but it ended up being two hours. Well needed i guess. But while we were taking a nap, so where they. they all piled up on the couch, Cherise, Tessa and Mack. Too much fun!

Tessas Blessing day!

We blessed Tessa Yesterday and then had a dinner after. It was fun to have both of our families there to support us. Grandma Carol Made her dress and of course we were up till 1 in the morning finishing the final touches. Here is a picture of her in her dress and hopefully I'll get some of all three of us together It was a great day!

Tessa's Photo Shoot!

The other day Tessa and I got a little board so we decided to play like Tessa was a model and i was the photographer. It was to much fun. Tessa was a natural at what she was doing. Even Maddie Scott and Jens dog wanted to play for a little while. Hope you enjoy the picutres as much as i do.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Growing up!

Tessa is getting so big. She is 5 weeks now and is already impressing us. At 3 weeks she rolled from her tummy to her back and has been smiling for a while now. She is so much fun at her 2 week check up she gained 9 ounces which is really good, usually baby's loose weight. We think that she has gained at least 2 pounds since then she just keeps getting heavier and heavier. We love this little girl she is too much fun! We'll keep you posted on her progress.