ThE tImE oF oUr LiFe!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lady Sofie

This is our new addition to the family. She is so much fun.She definitely keeps us on our toes. She has a huge crush on Devin and only wants to sleep and sit by him. We love this little girl. She is a pomeranian.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today Tessa and I were going to take Aubrey to Richfield. Tessa was hungery and i had to feed her before we left so i didn't develop a problem on the way there. I was just about half way done when Tessa decided to let one rip!!! I knew if she did it once it would be followed by a couple more. And i was right it turned into about three very big ones. Uncle Gary would have been proud. I lifted her up to burp her and she had "STUFF" all the way up her back. It must have been like a rocket ship. But not only did she get it almost up to her shoulders she got it on me also. VERRY BAD! I'm sure all you moms out there could relate

SO... i got the tub ready and bathed her after all of that. Auntie Aubrey got this beautiful pic of Tessa. I think Aubrey could get paid to take good pictures off her camera. She gets some good ones. Loved it and had to share with all!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was so happy to see Jessica Wilson, Jessica Sorenson, and Becky Dowell at the drill team competition on Wednesday. Its fun to have J.W. Back in Utah!!

Aunt Sue holding Tessa. I think Tessa's head is wider than sue's.

Nayze is holding Tessa at our house. Tessa loves Nazy she thinks she is the "CaTS MeOw". Its fun to have her so close to us so we can go see her so often!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nap Time!

After being up till 1 working on the dress and waking up at 6, Devin and I were extemely tired. Our Friend Cherise let us take a nap, we were only planning on being an hour but it ended up being two hours. Well needed i guess. But while we were taking a nap, so where they. they all piled up on the couch, Cherise, Tessa and Mack. Too much fun!

Tessas Blessing day!

We blessed Tessa Yesterday and then had a dinner after. It was fun to have both of our families there to support us. Grandma Carol Made her dress and of course we were up till 1 in the morning finishing the final touches. Here is a picture of her in her dress and hopefully I'll get some of all three of us together It was a great day!

Tessa's Photo Shoot!

The other day Tessa and I got a little board so we decided to play like Tessa was a model and i was the photographer. It was to much fun. Tessa was a natural at what she was doing. Even Maddie Scott and Jens dog wanted to play for a little while. Hope you enjoy the picutres as much as i do.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Growing up!

Tessa is getting so big. She is 5 weeks now and is already impressing us. At 3 weeks she rolled from her tummy to her back and has been smiling for a while now. She is so much fun at her 2 week check up she gained 9 ounces which is really good, usually baby's loose weight. We think that she has gained at least 2 pounds since then she just keeps getting heavier and heavier. We love this little girl she is too much fun! We'll keep you posted on her progress.