ThE tImE oF oUr LiFe!


Sunday, April 26, 2009


My friend Cherise introduced me to Wicked last year and i have loved the sound track. I listen to it almost everyday. We promised each other that we would go to see it together. Devin surprised me with tickets and tickets for Chad and Cherise to come with us. I Was so excited!! When the music started i just started crying because i couldn't believe i was actually there!!:) Devin does so many things for me and i can honestly tell you i have the best husband in the world!!

Cherise and i sitting in the theater!!

Devin and i in fron of Capital Theater! I LOVE WICKED!!*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad as it its I had to get my wisdom teeth out yesterday. So my mother being the sweet heart that she is watched Tessa for me while Devin was at work. It was so nice. She went over to Annabell to see Mada Hoodo, and let Tessa play in the grass. My mom said that she loved it. Tessa is getting so big. She is starting to reach for people and also starting to teeth. So Sad!!! But i love it. She is gettin to the most fun stage. She has a new toy. One of the bouncer swings that you put in the doorways, She just loves playing in that and bouncing all over the place.