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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last few months...

Tessa-Since the beginning of January Tessa has been potty training. She was doing so good like maybe one accident every 3 days and none at night. BUT... Then she had to get her tonsils out. It was really cool tho because we went down to Cedar City to have them out and we waited for like 30 min to get in and then like 15 to have them done. Anyway, Tessa has had a really hard time with the whole potty training thing since then. So we are currently trying to fix all that we have undone. Tessa also started gymnastics or as she calls it "nastics" She Absolutely LOVES it. She does an awesome job. I think her favorite thing is Summer Salts, she'll Jump on the couch and flip, and flip, and flip. So much fun!

Started walking in December (at 7 months) and only weighs 14lbs, so she looked like this little petite 4 month old, Still she only weighs 14lbs but is a tiny bit taller. She is Completely blonde and so adorable,Is going to be turning 1 in a month and just barely broke her first tooth. She is progressing at such a different rate than Tessa did but it is still fun to watch, She Can say, "dada, mama, tetta," She also talks on the phone to dad sometimes. And now since Tessa is taking "nastics" she'll put her head on the ground as if she is doing a summer salt.
He is still working at the reaper, and enjoying it. He is also the scout master and so he is gone quite a bit so we enjoy every minute we have him. He just committed to be in the summer community play Field of Dreams So now we really wont get to see him. But it something that he enjoys doing so we are happy that he gets to do it.
Just working in salon trying to be a successful business woman and having no idea how to accomplish that, while trying to be a great mom. Which i'm far far far from that but working on it. So i decided to hire a baby sitter two-three days a week to work and then when they are home i can be a better mom. At first i was really worried how the girls would do but it has been so good for both of us to get a break. The girls get to play and learn how to be with other people and I get to have some grown-up time, and maybe i'll be able to blog more. SWEET! I have a long way to go. Thats about it for now. Hope to keep this thing up dated more often but i say that all the time. So we'll see.


Stan & Ash said...

I hope you blog more!! Love seeing the family updates!!! Your girls are so cute!

Devin and Elle said...

Ash thanks! I can't see you blog cause its private, help what do i do?