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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Maggies Prom!

Last weekend was Maggie's Prom She looked so cute, She bought her Vintage 50's Dress on line and only spent $110 on it. Then we did her hair like Marilyn Monroe and she fit the part perfectly. It was so fun to see Mag all dressed up.

She went with Dane Peterson, They looked So cute and matched so well. Check out his cute dimples.
oh and her dressed ripped during the promenade, i guess it was a little too old to go through a whole prom night!


Stan & Ash said...

Awe so cute!!!

Fantabulous 4 said...

Hey this totally makes me think about Senior Ball... and how I never got my pictures! Did you?

Devin and Elle said...

Fantabulous 4... Who are you i can't see your profile and i'm not sure who this is!

Dani said...

great dress and suit!!